Grand Cru Grenouilles 2017

Grand Cru Grenouilles 2017

390,00 €

Caisse de 6 / Case of 6

The rare and legendary Grenouilles is the smallest Chablis Grand Cru. Our 
plot is located at the top of the slope. It has healthy soil, and is beautifully suited to ploughing. The wines of Grenouilles, which are well worth the wait, offer a blend of power and finesse, and are always full of surprises.

Kimmeridgian. Moderately deep brown clay soil, with small pebbles that improve its drainage. South-west exposure, with plenty of sunshine and gentle breezes, tempered by the Serein river. Fairly gentle slope.

No added yeast, long fermentation using indigenous yeasts, in temperature-controlled vats. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Matured for at least 18 months. In stainless steel tanks, with the least possible handling. Long moderately cold stabilisation. The wine is gently filtered once before bottling. 

Natural cork, guaranteed to be cork-free.

Cellaring time
10 years and over.

Serve between 12 and 14°C, it must be aired or carafed before tasting. 
Grenouilles Grand Cru reveals notes of spring meadow flowers, white fruit, 
and kiwi. Perfect harmony between aromatic complexity and minerality.

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